The first weeks of X-Rays and Electron.Js

Python, X-rays, and JSON files that don’t comply and make you cry.

GSoC has officially started!

We’re going to code!

Since is a Desktop App made with Electron and Python, my first priority was getting DAVE to compile again. The process was tedious and took a good amount of time to fix the flask backends which power DAVE.

Another error that came while getting DAVE up was that DAVE uses Stingray’s APIs which are lower than 2.0, which gave a lot of broken packages. Fixing this was something that would be covered in the POC enhancements, however, it was important to tackle this to build the MVP.

Looked at some major changes in the coming 0.3 for Stingray and how to accommodate them, so we don’t have issues later.

Had exams alongside, so the first week was less effort extensive for GSoC.

Waiting for the next week to write more about my progress and journey!

GSoC’21 at OpenAstronomy, GSoD’21 at HPX. Associate at gradCapital. Loves VC/Tech/Product.